INTENSE 50-pack capsules ($0.7 each)


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NESPRESSO compatible capsules 

50 capsules pack

100% Arabica coffee capsules

After years of testing, our Master Roaster has developed a blend using only 100% Arabica coffee which really packs a punch. Never before has a coffee capsule been able to deliver such an intense, full bodied, richly flavoured coffee.

5.6grm coffee blend per capsule

DIMENSIONS 2 x 2 x 2 cm

Roasted in WA exclusively by our RAW-ster.

Brewing Tips

Our espresso capsules are designed to extract no more than 40 ml of rich creamy espresso. It’s not recommended that you extract any more volume than 40 ml per capsule.

To make the perfect Lungo (long) fill your cup with 80 ml of hot water then extract your espresso on top of it.

Note: Our capsules have a higher grm of coffee in each capsule. If too much water passes through, it may cause the capsule to swell and break the foil seal. If this occurs make sure you clean your machine well and flush with fresh water.